Microsoft Corporation is a tech leader. It is a leader developing personal computers, applications, and software systems. The company also holds many publications. It offers cloud services, e-mail services, and, owns the production of hybrid tablets. The list also includes portable media players and the selling of electronic games. Globally, it has sales and distribution centers and strong brand value. The company has totally revolutionized the digital age and continues to stun the world with its amazing products and services. Who would have thought that an undergraduate “Bill Gates” will modernize and make the world think like his way of dealing with things? Who would have thought that the world would be incomplete without using Microsoft’s products and services?


Two boyhood friends from Seattle, namely Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen converted BASIC, a popular mainframe computer programming language, in 1975. Shortly, Allen and Bill established Microsoft. The name was derived from the combination of microcomputer and software. They continued on improving BASIC and developed programming languages.

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IBM(International Business Machines Corporation) (IBM) tasked Microsoft for developing software, or operating system, for its first personal computer, the IBM PC. Microsoft did this task by purchasing an operating system from another company. It modified this operating system and later renamed it as MS-DOS  (Microsoft Disk Operating System). It was released in 1981 with the IBM PC. By 1990, companies kept using MS-DOS as their operating system. This generated a huge amount of revenues for Microsoft and the company was able to sell more than 100 million copies of this program. It outperformed CP/M and IBM OS/2, rival operating systems. Later, The company introduced Windows, a graphical user interface that announced the start of a digital revolution that has never looked back.

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In 1995, Windows 95 was introduced. The company through its spreadsheet programs and an effectively managed operating system for Apple Computer’s MAC OS also outperformed Word Perfect and Lotus in the process. The company enjoyed healthy earnings of 25 cents on every sales dollar till 1996. It became a multi-billion-Dollar company as earnings crossed $2 Billion.

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The company even during the Great recession of 2007-2009 earned in a healthy manner. The financials crossed $14 Billion by the end of the fiscal year 2009. The company has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, United States.

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Gaming gadgets

Email services

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Cloud Services

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Web Browsers

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Without any surprise, Bill Gates is the person who is behind the success of this organization. Bill Gates through his leadership kept on coming with new ideas and products which allowed the company to become one of the top brands of the world. He enjoyed the status of the world’s most rich personalities till late 2016-17. Although he left his CEO position in 2000, he remained in the board of directors during the first decade of 2000. The company under him diversified and gave tough competition to the likes of Google, Apple, etc.

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Microsoft also made roads in gaming. X-box with their various versions attracted a huge number of gaming fans and proved Microsoft not only a PC brand but, a tech-based company which has a wide customer base and a proper analysis of its customers. The gaming series offered by Microsoft has given the toughest of the competitions to its rivals and the company is soon launching its new products to maintain its presence as a tech leader.

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Microsoft has a business model that is diversified and spans across Gaming (Xbox), Windows, Office products, Windows, Gaming (Xbox), Linkedin, Search Advertising (Bing), Hardware, Cloud, etc. It is a Billion Dollar company having revenues crossing $110 since 2018 each year.

The company earns by selling operating systems and office software to customers. Many enterprises also use Microsoft’s products for their business activities and customers around the world use most of the company’s products. To an extent, Microsoft’s business model revolves around the above highlights.


Due to its goodwill, Microsoft is the global leader in brand positioning. It is on the top of the list of 10 most valued brands. With a brand value of whopping $125.3 Billion, the company has a far-reaching impact on its customers and competitors.


Satya Nadella, the current CEO has come up with something interesting. As per him and reaffirming its core-competency, Microsoft still declares itself to be a software giant as its prime identity. Nonetheless, the company is still reshaping the way technology can impact the lives of human beings. It is closely working with many academic and health institutions to fulfill its social responsibility. The company has kept the determination on which it’s rooted and, it’s aspiring to remain the leader of this digital age.

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