Google- The most Advanced Search Engine


GOOGLE is an acronym for the Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. Although it does not account for any full form officially. Originated initially from the word “googol” meaning “ a huge number.

Google search engine was founded, In 1998, exactly 21 years before. After 21 years, it is the most loving website at present. The company has marked its identity not only as a domain but as a verb also.

It has established marking its identity as a massively popular search engine. Traded as a public organization, it is a well-reputed multinational organization. It also offers other services and contributes to cloud computing, Web app, Internet analytics, advertising technologies, browser, and operating system development.

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Talking about the co-founders of the organization, One of them was Sergey Brin, and, the other co-founder is the current CEO of Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL).

Currently, Sundar Pichai is the CEO of the company since October 02nd, 2015. The company has expanded itself rapidly and has subsidiaries like Youtube, Google.org, Firebase, Youtube Tv. The current headquarters of the company is in Mountain View, California, United States.

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It is a US-based multinational technology company. It provides expertise in cloud computing, Web app, Internet analytics, advertising technologies, browser, and operating system development, and, hardware. The main purpose of a search engine is to search for text offered by web servers that are accessible publicly. This is contrary to other data, for example, data kept in databases or images.

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Google is well-known for its search engine. The company generates a lot of its income from doing advertising. It has expanded itself into a number of areas including cloud computing, hardware, and software.

Adding more, it has also entered into the mobile hardware market. Talking more, the company has created its first phone, named Pixel. It also possesses its cloud unit referred to as Google Cloud. Google cloud offers services like G-Suite, Gmail, and, Google Drive, the company’s productive applications.

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The company has also introduced:


A first step for earning for web users by linking their accounts with their Youtube channel and websites.

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A web analytics tool to provide advanced information to its user.

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It was launched many smartphones which have become popular among various users around the world.

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It is a hands-free device, for hands-on workers that remove distractions and help you focus on what’s most important.

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A jacket in collaboration with Levis.

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Google currently is in the list of the world’s top 10 brands of the year 2020. The brand finds itself on number 2 by July 2020. The company enjoys a brand value of $167.7 Billion showing a healthy growth of 27% in comparison to 2019. The brand revenue of the company is $136.2 Billion. On advertising, the company spent $6.4 Billion.


It generates huge revenues from advertising. The most prominent one is from youtube. The company has generated a massive proportion of its revenues from youtube, especially in the last decade. It has also allowed many YouTubers to become overnight celebrities and earn a handsome amount by posting videos, and doing affiliate marketing.

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The story does not stop here. Almost all media houses of the world have established their channels on youtube resulting in higher profitability due to a different number of ads running on their channels. This has totally transformed the digital age as without spending so much money, YouTubers are generating revenues for themselves and in return, the company is also earning a handsome share from those ads.


The company is offering one of the most advanced solutions for its users when it comes to cloud computing, academics, business, transactions, etc. These services have allowed the company to diversify itself from a search engine to a complete solution when it comes to the use of technology in day-to-day business. These services include:

Google Wallet

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Project FI

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Google for Entrepreneurs

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Google Express

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Google Docs

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Google Sheets

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Smart watches

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My Business

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The company has its own browser for its internet users called Chrome.

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It also has advanced features like Google Search Console to check the crawl and sitemap status of any website. The company has also introduced its Assistant to offer voice service for its web users.


The discussion provides just an overview of the wide range of service Google is providing to its users. From a search engine to cloud computing and daily routine activities, it has a massive impact on making daily lives of the people much easier. By far, it is the most advanced company in the world at present and, is constantly reshaping the world of technology by its innovations and creativity.

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