Infiniti is a Japanese car manufacturing company. It is a luxury vehicle brand. It is a part of the Nissan, with its headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. The company was established on November 08th, 1989. The company has the vision to earn a high prestige and value from its customers. It uses its designs and innovative techniques to drive a sense of high esteem, positive emotions, and great corporate bonding for its customers. It terms it as the most important aspect of the company’s success. The company is well known for its luxury sedans and sports cars.

The following article will discuss the historical background of the company, its marketing strategy, its facts, and some of its famous designs. The article will also try to analyze how this brand can improve and move forward to lead the automobile industry in this competitive environment.


In 1989, Nissan launched the Infiniti brand in the US. The aim of Nissan was to target premium customers and launch vehicles that do not match the image of Nissan i.e. instead of making cars for every segment of society, the company was only going for high paying customers. Besides, the company was also influenced by the Plaza Accord of 1985. In addition, the brand had to face tough competition and come up with an answer after the same strategy by Toyota and Honda at that time. These two companies had launched premium brands- Lexus and Acura respectively. Backed by government support, Nissan was able to export more of Infiniti cars and capture a huge market share in the U.S soon after the launch of Infiniti. The company:

  • launched the Q45, in 1989.
  • It also launched the M30 in 1990.
  • The brand introduced G20 in 1990.
  • This also paved the way for the launching of J30 in 1992.
  • In 1996, it introduced QX4.
  • The company replaced the J30 model with an improved i30 model.

SINCE 2000

  • Since 2000, the company has introduced its varied range of luxury cars. It has also reshaped its business model by launching several electric cars.
  • The aim of the company is to shift its focus on producing electric cars on a maximum basis by 2025. This is in addition to the different models the company has launched in the last two decades. Some of these include:


Image source: disdads.com

G37 (2008).

Image source: latimes.com

Redesigned model of Q45.

Image source: newcartestdrive.com


Image source: fitmentindustries.com


Image source: motortrend.com


Image source: autoblog.com


Image source: global.nissannews.com

G37 Coupe.

Image source: caranddriver.com

EX37 Crossover.

Image source: carmagazine.co.uk


Source: youtube.com


Source: youtube.com

Q50 S Hybrid.

Image source: wheels.ca


Image source: autotrader.com


Image source: wheels.ae


The company came up with a plan to revamp and reposition its business model in 2011. It announced that all its SUV’s will carry the “Q” and “QX” prefix with them as a result of the tough competition by Lexus and other car manufacturing companies. The company also wrapped up its manufacturing operations in several European markets like the UK. By the end of 2020, the company is also eyeing to shift its focus entirely on Chinese and the North American markets. It is also planning to slowly pull out from the markets of Australia and Newzealand.

The company has launched its concept of first electric car recently.

Image source: engadget.com

The company has also launched its vision of Gran Turismo.

Image source: nissan-global.com

The company has also confirmed its electric car concept for the year 2020.

Image source: motor1.com

Further, the Middle East market has brought huge success for the company. This is why its sales in markets like Dubai, Doha, etc have witnessed an upward trajectory. In addition, the company is in the phase of launching its electric cars in the near future.

Image source: dubaihotelsguide.com


Infiniti promotes its brand mostly by using celebrities in its advertising campaigns. Since it inspires its customers by its leading edge of tech-innovation. This is also rolled out driven by intuition, it has come up with the most viable marketing campaigns in the automobile industry. It has integrated both digital and traditional marketing for its marketing campaigns. The company is increasing its budget on an annual basis to reach maximum customers and build a strong brand image.


A company’s marketing mix refers to the strategies and tactics applied to execute the marketing plan, with a focus on products, place, promotion, and price (the 4Ps). These 4 P’s of Lexus are discussed below:


The company offers a wide range of cars with different models. Over the years, it has constantly introduced different models for its customers with exclusive designs and innovations. These include:


Image source: chicagoautoshow.com


Image source: infinitioncamelback.com


Image source: thecarconnection.com



It charges high price for its vehicles.


The company uses a number of retailers and dealership outlets for the distribution of its cars and other vehicles across the world. The company has a strong network in more than 50 countries worldwide with 170 sales outlets.

Image source: dealsouq.ae


It uses digital and social media for its promotional campaigns. It also hosts charity events every year. The company has sponsored events like:

Boston Marathon.

Source: youtube.com

Formula 1.

Image source: car-revs-daily.com

Melbourne AFL

Image source: infiniticars.com.au

Motor shows in cities like:


Image source: thenational.ae


Image source: cnet.com

Events like Dubai Shopping Festival

Image source: visitdubai.com

The company also had a partnership between Cirque Du Soleil– a leading car dealership company.

Image source: s1.cdn.autoevolution.com

Many celebrities also use and feature in Infiniti cars promotion campaigns. These include:

Miley Cyrus

Image source: pinterest.es

Steph Curry

Image source: global.infinitinews.com

Kit Harington

Image source: gr.pinterest.com

The company also has a strong social media team for handling the marketing campaigns of the official affairs of the company. This team uses medium like:


Image source: businessmotoring.co.uk


Image source: facebook.com



The company before carrying out these campaigns uses SWOT analysis to make its products successful. SWOT analysis of Infiniti includes:


  • The label of Nissan.
  • Use of advanced Japanese technologies.
  • Exclusive designs.
  • Innovation.
  • Strong Portfolio.


  • Less penetration into developing economies.
  • Tough Competition.
  • The use of social media and online marketing for its products is not up to its brand’s image.
  • Low or almost no market presence in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
  • Expensive.


  • Can expand to the European markets, and target emerging markets for its products.
  • Can diversify by making auto parts.
  • Use of Japanese technology to make electric cars in the future.


  • Many automobile companies can enter into the market due to low market barriers.
  • Legislation in certain countries for protecting their local automobile industry.
  • Electric cars are believed to be the alternative to existing luxury car models.
  • Increasing fuel costs.
  • Trade wars between leading economies.
  • Ongoing recession after Pandemic of COVID-19.


It is one of the most recognized and luxury automobile manufacturing companies in the world. The company rolls out the different range of vehicles, SUVs, coupes, sports cars, as well as luxury sedans. It generates revenue from these vehicles. Its business model is based on the principles of innovation, durability, class, luxury, and producing different models of the cars keeping an eye on the future.


The company is famous for its prime models of cars. With a vision to create the world’s finest luxury car, it manufactures its different car models combining speed, safety, comfort, and elegance, the Infiniti story began in 1989 with a vision to shape an overwhelming customer’s experience

Image source: dubicars.com


Its logo supports the company’s vision to explore different horizons of luxury, comfort, and innovation in the near future.

Image source: wallpaperflare.com


FoundedNovember 08th, 1989.

CEO: Hiroto Saikawa

Headquarters: YokohamaJapan

RevenueUS$8.9 billion worldwide (2019)


Infiniti has been functioning under the strong brand name of Nissan. The company has great potential and room for growth in the leading car manufacturing company in the future. The different horizons of speed, luxury, innovation, and comfort speak of the company’s commitment to lead the automobile industry. But, it must consider the fact that it is facing tough competition from its competitors like Lexus, Jaguar, BMW, Aston Martin, etc. In addition, the company has offered the least amount of models as compared to its competitors. It must gear up its process of introducing new models and in specific electric cars in the future.

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